Visual Intelligence Lab

If you are experienced in ACM-ICPC or interested in doing PhD/MPhil with me at HKUST, please apply for Early Admission.

If you are an HKUST student interested in doing research with me, please send me an email.


Jiaxin Xie
(PhD, since 2018, HK PhD Fellowship)
Yazhou Xing
(PhD, since 2018)
Yue Wu
(PhD, since 2018)
Rongrong Gao
(PhD, since 2019, HK PhD Fellowship)
Zifan Shi
(PhD, since 2019, HK PhD Fellowship, co-supervised with Dit-Yan Yeung)
Tengfei Wang
(PhD, since 2019)
Hao Ouyang
(PhD, since 2020)
Na Fan
(PhD, since 2020)
Guotao Meng
(PhD, since 2019, DJI scholarship)
Ka Leong Cheng
(PhD, since 2020, HK PhD Fellowship)
Maosheng Ye
(PhD, since 2020)
Chenyang Qi
(PhD, since 2020)
Yueqi Xie
(PhD, since 2020, co-supervised with Sung Kim)
Jiapeng Zhu
(PhD, since 2021)
Qiang Wen
(PhD, since 2021)
Hongyu Liu
(PhD, since 2022)
Yisheng He
(PhD, co-supervised with Long Quan, since 2020)
Chan Ho Park
(MPhil, since 2021)
Zhefan Rao
(MPhil, since 2021)

Co-supervised students (HKUST(GZ) pilot scheme)

Zhili Chen
(PhD, since 2020)
Junming Chen
(PhD, since 2020)
Yingqing He
(PhD, since 2020)

Graduated PhD

Chenyang Lei
(PhD 2022, next: Assistant Prof. at CAIR, CAS)
Haoran Song
(PhD 2021, co-supervised with Michael Wang, next: Huawei)
Weihao Yuan
(PhD 2020, co-supervised with Michael Wang, next: Alibaba)

Graduated MPhil

Hyukryul Yang
(MPhil 2020, next: ThorDrive)
Hao Ouyang
(MPhil 2020, next: HKUST PhD)
Yuezhang Liu
(MPhil 2021, co-supervised with Bo Li, next: PhD at UT Austin)
Ching-Pui Wan
(MPhil 2021, next: Levono)
Chang Dae Park
(MPhil 2021, next: Move)
Ji Hyeong Yoo
(MPhil 2021, next: Research Lead at Genesis Lab)
Minsoo Khang
(MPhil 2022, next: UpStage)
Zian Qian
(MPhil 2022, next: PhD at HKUST)
Ka Ho Lee
(MPhil 2022)